The American Harp Cart


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Transport any harp with this one-of-a-kind hand trolley. Easily maneuver through grass, gravel, stairs and carpet. No other cart offers the protection, mobility and style of the American Harp Cart.

  • Fits any harp and base cover on a large 6” x 19” tray
  • Anti-slip and anti-scratch rubber matting
  • Large 12.5” removable tires
  • Stable wooden frame that won’t topple as you unload
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Full dimensions: 23″ W x 43″ H


The American Harp Cart is handcrafted from beautiful, lightweight (16 lbs) maplewood. A wide 19” tray accommodates any base cover without risk of wearing it down.

Made with 12.5” never-flat tires, the cart can traverse rough terrain with unmatched grace and reliability. Heavy-duty straps and anti-slip rubber matting will keep your harp securely in place throughout your whole journey.

The American Harp Cart is trusted by the world’s top musicians, including harpists of the U.S. Army, L.A. Philharmonic and Walt Disney Concert Hall.


Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 19 × 7 in

3 reviews for The American Harp Cart

  1. Diane Dunn

    I have played professionally for over 50 years and this is the best harp cart I have ever owned. The large no-slip tray prevents the harp from slipping or skidding. The large removable tires make rolling over rough areas much easier than with other carts that have hard tires. The cart is very sturdy and well-balanced. I repeat that this is the best harp cart I have ever owned!

  2. Emily

    After receiving a different harp cart model, cracked in pieces, I knew I needed something better, so I ordered The American Harp Cart. It came, and was so lightweight and easy to use, I have been nothing but impressed!

  3. Lou Hurst

    Having moved many harps, with many different dollys/carts, this is the best one yet! The fit and balance, from smaller lever harps to the heavyweight pedal harps, is great – with or without a cover. Don’t try this trick at home, harpists, but on occasion I don’t strap the harp in place, that’s how well I feel it fits and balances.
    I had to make one modification, born out of an emergency. The day before my son and I were to travel to Tulsa, OK for the Midwest Harp Festival, one of the tires blew out its rim. Look as I may locally, I couldn’t find a pneumatic tire to replace it. I did, however, find a non-pneumatic set of tires at a local medical/health supply store. Although those tires are heavier than the original equipment tires, I like being able to ignore them when it comes to air. They seem to do an ever so slightly better job when going up stairs when the corner of the stair tread is very squared off.
    I also replaced the straps that come with it with velcro straps so there’s no messing with having to adjust a clip when hauling different harps.
    Whenever someone asks what harp dolly/cart they should get I recommend this one!

    • Paul Dechent

      Thanks Lou! This is the exact sort of message that we took into account over the years to incorporate our new wheel design featured on all our carts today! Zero maintenance foam filled wheels that will never leave you stranded. Our first carts had Pneumatic (air filled) tires that would need to be refilled and replaced over time.

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