It’s about getting the basics right.

We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.

The Base

Non-Slip, Protective Base

The wide 6-by-19-inch tray can easily fit any harp and base cover. It’s padded with rubber to prevent slipping, block abrasion—and give you complete peace of mind. For extra protection, the American Harp Cart bears a 6-inch lip compared to the standard 4-inch lip on cheaper carts.

The Straps

Adjustable for Any Harp

Our heavyweight straps and buckles can withstand over 1,500 lbs of pressure (that’s roughly the weight of a cow). Load a full-size concert grand, mid-size or lever harp, then adjust the straps so that it sits squarely on your cart. Straps only need to be adjusted once, saving you the hassle of readjusting them before every trip.

Frame and Yoke

Perfectly Balanced to Avoid Toppling

Rest assured that your cart won’t ding your car or topple over every time you unload your harp. A strong maple frame ensures that your cart can stand upright on its own, no kickstand required.

Wheels and Axle

Removable, Shock-Absorbing Wheels

Made especially for the American Harp Cart, 12.5-inch foam-filled wheels glide across any terrain. Wheels never require inflation and cushion your valuable harp against sudden bumps. For easy storage, simply remove the wheels with a press of a button.