This is the story of an American harpist.

No matter where she got her cart, things always shifted quickly from major to minor. Shoddy trays threatened the safety of her harp. Stubborn wheels robbed her of peaceful commutes.

Finally, her son decided to take action. His mother’s story become the overture to his mission to create a cart that actually worked. This inspired a movement.

Since 2010, we’ve liberated harpists all over the world from faulty carts. We’ve supplied thousands of carts each handcrafted in the USA. To this day, we take pride in our design and obsess over the details.

Whether you’re a professional, hobbyist or a harpist-in-training, we invite you to take the American Harp Cart for a spin. One simple upgrade could end your cart frustrations. Stop dreading your next commute. Stop thinking about it, period.

Paul Dechent

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