Seller warrants that The American Harp Cart is merchantable and suitable only for the purpose of transporting harps in accordance with the Instructions provided. All other warranties, express or implied, are hereby disclaimed.

Purchaser is encouraged to thoroughly inspect or examine The American Harp Cart upon purchase and to notify Seller of any defects within 30 days of purchase. Upon notification, Seller will correct any such defect or replace The American Harp Cart if the defect cannot be repaired. After 30 days following purchase, no repairs or replacements will be provided by Seller unless the defect could not reasonably have been detected within 30 days of purchase.

Purchaser has been provided Instructions for the use of The American Harp Cart. Any use inconsistent with these Instructions shall be considered misuse and American Harp Cart, LLC shall not be liable for any property damage or personal injury arising from such misuse. Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless American Harp Cart, LLC, its directors, shareholders, employees, agents, principles, successors and assigns from any loss, claim, suit or judgment resulting from the misuse of The American Harp Cart and further to indemnify American Harp Cart, LLC, its directors, shareholders, employees, agents, principles, successors and assigns from any and all costs of defending such claims, including attorneys' fees.

These Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be construed in accordance with, and shall be governed by, the substantive laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, disregarding conflict of law principles.

Any dispute arising out of the sale or use of The American Harp Cart to Purchaser shall be submitted to binding arbitration to take place in Henrico County, Virginia in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Such actions must be brought individually and no class, collective or multi-party actions are permitted under this arbitration provision.


Your harp is a valuable instrument. These Instructions are provided in order to protect your harp. Please follow them closely and contact American Harp Cart, LLC if you have any questions or need further guidance for the safe and effective use of The American Harp Cart.

Loading Your Harp
To securely load your harp on The American Harp Cart:
1.    Slightly and carefully lean harp forward being sure that you have a solid grip on your harp.
2.    Position cart in place behind harp with the carpeted portion of cart tray against the harp base.
3.    While maintaining a firm hold on the harp bring top strap around column of harp and buckle until the buckle snaps in place.
4.    Adjust strap until tight and harp is secured to cart with no slack in strap.
5.    Repeat steps 1-4 for bottom strap.
6.    To remove harp perform the above steps in reverse.

Transporting Your Harp
 To move your harp on The American Harp Cart:
1.    Place one hand on the neck of your harp and maintain a firm hold while in transit.
2.    With the other hand establish a solid grip on the handle portion of the harp.
3.    Lean the harp back until the balancing point is found or what you find to be a comfortable and secure position to move the harp.
4.    NEVER EVER pull your harp behind you.  ALWAYS push it in front of you with one hand on the neck of the harp. 
5.    Avoid allowing harp to bounce or rock.
6.    Both tires must move over door thresholds or other small bumps at the same time.
7.    When you are ready to stop moving your harp carefully lean harp forward until resting on the ground after coming to a complete stop.

Note: Extraordinary care should be taken when using the American Harp Cart to transport your instrument up or down stairs. All belts should be securely fastened as instructed.

Recommended Equipment
A quality padded harp cover, base cover, and column cover are highly recommended to protect your harp before any transport. Periodically check the tire pressure to be sure it is inflated to 35 psi.

For questions or further information, contact:
American Harp Cart, LLC